Welcome to Year of the Novel!

Fresh off of NaNoWriMo but still have a lot of writing to do? Look no further—Year of the Novel is here to save the day. As our name suggests, we write all twelve months of the year and we invite you to do the same. Whether you type on a sleek, modern keyboard; click away at a gorgeous antique typewriter; or unsheathe your pen and put the ink to paper manually you’ve already taken the first steps.

What exactly is Year of the Novel?

Writing is a lonesome process even with your closest of companions sitting right next to you. Hours spent slaving away over people no one knows, places others would doubt the existence of, and plots that draw you in until you don’t remember what that big ball of fire in the sky is. How many times have you said “Right after I finish this chapter, I swear!” only to hear your friends and loved ones snort or scoff? This is why Year of the Novel exists—to bring camaraderie to this dark place we love so much.

Year of the Novel (YOTN) is an online group that doesn’t think writing is just for one month of the year. We share writing advice, we laugh, sometimes we even beta read for one another—it’s more than a competition to see who can get the most words: it’s a community. We have an IRC channel and an online forum for all the chatty goodness.

Our community transcends geographic boundaries. Your doppelgangers and your mirror-opposite gather here for one purpose and one alone: writing. It binds us, makes us whole where once we were separate. Here you may find answers, inspiration, friends…but you will never again be alone. Your lonely soul hunched over a typewriter doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

Each new person, every singular idea, and your most minor of thought brings a larger force with YOTN. Alone we are but simple people, writers with ideas. Together we are YOTN. We bid warm welcome to you and your twisted plots, your plethora of plot bunnies nipping at your heels, and your sparkling idea trapped beneath the muck. Within each of them a light glints off of a small gem every so often. It takes millions of dollars of equipment to reach a single diamond: so don’t go alone. It’s dangerous.

What’s the goal?

Many of you coming here are used to the NaNoWriMo 50,000 words in one month goal, so you may be wondering what the Year of the Novel goal is. The answer is simple: whatever you want it to be. Do you think you can reach a million words this year, are you trying for two or three, or are you busy and just want to keep a good pace going regardless? Even if your goal is as low as twelve-thousand words—a thousand for every month. Everybody is different, so why should their goals be all the same?

Whether you write at a snail’s pace and have yet to complete a traditional NaNoWriMo goal or roar past fifty-thousand words in the first day, you’ll find that there are others like you here. The end goal shouldn’t be an arbitrary number of words—it should be a realistic goal for each writer. One that works for that writer and serves the ultimate purpose of furthering their writing prowess.