You’ve taken that first step. Pen and paper await you, blank and inviting. Or maybe it’s a computer screen, the thinnest line of a cursor blinking away, awaiting the life you will breathe into it. Whatever has brought you to this point, congratulations on making it so far!

Writing is such a lonely process. Hours spent slaving away over people no one else knows, places no one but you has ever been. How many times have you told your friends and loved ones ‘Right after I finish this chapter, I swear!’ only to hear them snort, or scoff at you? This is why Year of the Novel exists, to bring a bit of camaraderie to this dark place you love so much.

We have built a community here, online and across the world. People like you, so unlike you, or so alien that you never imagined, are gathered for one purpose. Writing. It binds us, makes us whole where we were once separate. In this, you might find answers, inspiration, friends. Never again though, would you be alone. We strive to break that image, the lonely soul hunched over a typewriter, ink smudges covering their hands.

This is why we encourage you to join. Each new person, each singular idea, every little thought you have brings a larger force with it. Alone, we are simple people with a simple idea. Together, we are writers! So, we bid welcome to your twisted plots without end, the clean idea trapped in the muck, and the myriad of plot bunnies nipping at your heels. Within each of them is that small gem, glinting in the light every so often. It takes an entire crew of miners to reach a single diamond. Welcome to your writing adventure!