Loki is our Year of the Novel IRC chat bot, based on the Phenny IRC bot core. Additional features and coding have been added by Year of the Novel staff.

To use Loki, you have to call a command. Commands are structured as !command , where ! tells Loki to look at what you are doing, and command is the name of the command he will perform.

Due to limitations in the link between IRC and Discord, some of these commands may not function as expected from the Discord channel, but should still be recognisable as long as you watch for your reply going to ‘EchoBot’.

Available commands, in page order:


Calling !help without a modifier is a direct link to this page. Calling !help -command- will give you more specific information about that command.


This begins a timed word war in the channel. Use the format !startwar -delay- -duration-, where delay and duration are whole numbers. A word war cannot exceed a certain length, if you bypass that, he will let you know.


This command joins you to the word wars running in the channel, allowing you to get a private message about the status of the war. Use !joinwar -war name- to join a specific war, or use !joinwar to join the most recent one created in the channel.


This command will call a quote from the YOTN quote database, which currently has just over 900 quotes in it.


This adds a new quote to the database. Please use the format !addq <nick> text when adding.


This calls up a writing twist from the list we have provided.


To add a new twist, please use the format !addt text


This calls up a writing prompt from the list we have provided.


To add a new prompt, please use the format !addp text


The character creator within Loki is a rather powerful NPC creator and basic decision maker for the look and feel of characters that may or may not have large roles within your stories. You can create an entire NPC, or just ask Loki to throw you an eye colour. Each option is available as listed below:


This command will create an NPC style character for you to use as a background character, or for an even deeper description of an already existing character. There’s thousands of possible combinations, so if the first isn’t to your liking, feel free to give it another shot.

!character _variable_

This command runs the character creator almost as the previous, but removes the gender constraint. This one is more useful if you have a named possibility in your mind, or have a specific gender already decided. Loki will still return every other variable available to him. Because this command is designed for previously named characters, _variable_ can be any single string of letters or numbers, such as a name or designation.


Loki will return a hair colour variable to you.


Loki will return an eye colour variable to you.


Loki will return a body type variable to you.


Loki will return an age range to you.


Loki will return a binary gender option to you.


Loki will return a non-binary gender option to you.


Loki will reply with one positive personality trait.


Loki will reply with one negative personality trait.


Part of the character set, but not used with the main creator, pet responds with a random yet somewhat common pet type. If your character is at a pet store, they’ll probably see these.



This command asks Loki to pick between a list of items. He needs at least two options, and they must be separated by a comma to be counted. For example: !pick option 1, option 2, option 3 <- will return either option 1, option 2, or option 3.


Loki will look up any word or phrase you supply on wikipedia and return the most relevant link. Use !wiki -term- as the format.


Loki will google your term and return a closely related link. Note: He really likes wikipedia, most of the links will be from there. Use !google -term- as the format.


Calling !roll 0d0 will roll x number of dice with x number of sides and report back the results. The format is _numberofdice_d_numberofsides_ as in !roll 1d2.


Looks up the etymology of a word.


Because sometimes, we need a little wisdom in our lives.


I Write Like is a fun site that analyses your writing style and kicks back which author your writing is most like. Year of the Novel does not host this; rather this is a link to that site.


A link to our usual tinychat room. This is used only for video.


Loki will tell you when he last saw a nickname in chat. Helpful if you’re trying to catch a friend.


Loki also knows some simple fun IRC tricks, such as:


An ASCII art fish.


ASCII art puppy.


ASCII art kitty.


A song he’s not allowed to finish.


Loki really likes Idiocracy.


Can’t leave out the largest retailer in North America.


Loki will maim whatever variable you give him, be it another chatter or a random word. With over a dozen different types of maiming, you might even be inspired for your writing! Call !maim -name- to use this command.